Thompsons New Fleet and E-Tech Solutions Manager Visits JS Stockdale


Thompsons new Fleet and E-Tech Solutions Manager, Stace Whitehead, visited James Stockdale Ltd and helped two of their drivers with their recent additions to the fleet.

First on the road was Cliff in his Renault Trucks 480 Turbo Compound T-High. Cliff was already dialled into the vehicle and had it performing excellently with little input needed from Stace. The operator said he had gone from a Volvo FH to a DAF XG, which he had for a year prior to the Renault. Now he was in the Renault he commented “Initially I wasn’t too sure about getting this truck, however after being in it only a few hours it instantly grew on me. I’ll be honest I wouldn’t want to be in anything else now. The gear change is faultless and the performance overall is perfection. There’s plenty of room in the cab for all my gear and the driving seat is great. A real bonus has been how much movement there is in the steering wheel positioning.”

Next up was Marie in her Renault Truck 11-litre 460 T Cab. Marie had come from her Volvo FM which she had been using for several years. “It’s still growing on me to be honest,” she said of her Renault “as I’ve got used to my older truck obviously”. Marie was more than happy to compare the Renault to all her previous trucks, and the list is long (including heavy Shire horses when she’s ploughing). But she had to admit at the end of the session she had learnt things about the Renault that would improve mpg and help her enjoy the vehicle more.

Stace adds “My thanks to all at JS Stockdale. It was good to visit again and thanks to Andy Hudson in the office for making me feel welcome and giving us permission to use the photographs.”